We are a local family-owned business, with a mission to be the best cleaning service in Texas. At My Maid Day, we offer a wide variety of cleaning and maid services for both your residential and commercial properties. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on being reliable, flexible, and professional while delivering the best possible service.

Most of us have pretty busy schedules, where we have to find time for our work, our partners, our kids, our family, our friends, our pets, and (don’t forget!) ourselves too. And, finding the time to properly clean our home is just another time-consuming thing to add to our long to-do list.

That’s where My Maid Day is here to help. By letting us take care of all your cleaning needs, you’ll have more time to do the things you really want to do. Tell us your schedule, and we’ll fit in around you.

Our wonderful team of cleaners are trained and certified, allowing them to whizz through your home or office, leaving it sparkling clean. At My Maid Day, we can offer our clients weekly, biweekly, monthly, as well as ad hoc cleaning services. So, whatever your residential or commercial cleaning requirements are, we are happy to assist in any way that we can.

My Maid Day’s Cleaning Services

After you give us a call or drop us an email, one of our staff members will get in touch to discuss exactly what cleaning you require. Perhaps you need to clean the home you’re moving out of, maybe you want to schedule a spring clean, or your office needs regular janitorial cleaning. Below is a breakdown of the services that My Maid Day can offer both residents and business owners:

1. Moving Out / Moving In Cleaning

Looking for a once-off spring clean, or maybe your house is in need of a big cleanup after you hosted a party? Our One Time Cleaning Service is specially designed for these sorts of sporadic cleaning requirements. Rest assured, we’ll swoop in and clean your home quickly and efficiently.

3. Repeat Cleaning

We must admit, once you’ve experienced our incredible cleaning services, you might be hooked forever. If this happens we can schedule a weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly appointment to clean your home or apartment. We’ll take care of your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and lounge to create that amazing freshly-cleaned feeling throughout your home. Remember, regular cleans mean that your home will also stay cleaner, more hygienic, and allergen-free for longer.

4. Post Construction Cleaning

While many construction teams do their best to clean up after themselves there’s likely to still be dirt and debris leftover, and dust to be found in every nook and cranny imaginable. Following any kind of construction or demolition, your property can be left in a bit of a tiff, to say the least. My Maid Day can come in and do a complete clean, making your living space spotless and livable again.

5. Commercial Cleaning

Looking for a qualified and reliable cleaning service to clean your office or warehouse? Our team of experts also specialize in janitorial services to maintain a clean, sanitized, and hygienic workspace. Not only is it so important for your staff, but a clean workplace is always a great impression on both clients and visitors. Whether it's a few office cubicles or a 40,000 square foot warehouse we can customize a cleaning plan that suits both your needs and budget.

6. Make-Ready

One of our most popular services, we offer fast and affordable cleanings to spruce up your home before friends, family, or Airbnb guests arrive. Here, we target the essential areas of your home, make beds, and take out the trash so that you can focus your time and energy on other things.

All Our Cleaning Services Include The Following:

No matter what option you decide on, each of our maid services includes the following:

  • Floors: Probably the place that collects the most amount of dirt and muck, we always pay special attention to your property’s flooring. We will vacuum your carpets and hard surfaces, as well as mop any tile, laminate, and wooden floors.
  • Dusting: With each clean, we will dust the ceiling corners, crown moldings, baseboards, window and door frames, and window sills throughout your home. At each visit we will also dust and polish your furniture as well as dust pictures, ornaments, shelves, ceiling fans, and blinds.
  • Bathrooms: One of the most high-traffic areas of the house or office, we deep clean every area of your bathroom. We scrub, disinfect, and sanitize toilets, tubs, showers, sinks, faucets, and surfaces. We’ll also dust all surfaces, as well as clean your bathroom mirrors and floors too. 
  • Kitchen: Known as the heart of the home, the kitchen is another area that can get grimy over time if not cleaned regularly. Here, we’ll scrub and clean the sink, faucets, and small appliances. We’ll also clean the outside of your oven, fridge, microwave, and dishwasher too. On top of this, we’ll scrub those hard-to-clean stovetops and backsplashes.
  • Finishing Touches: Before we leave we’ll do a final sweep of all the rooms of your home or office. In this last step, we’ll make sure every corner is swept and all surfaces are spotless.

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Proudly serving the Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Frisco, Garland, Plano, and San Antonio areas, My Maid Day is ready to assist with all your cleaning and maid services. Join our long list of satisfied customers, and give us a call today.