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Moving is undoubtedly a stressful experience for many. Christmas is approaching and there are millions other things on your mind. A moving near Christmas is no less than a nightmare as Christmas time is one of the busiest time for movers. Everyone wishes to move into a neat and clean home. Here are some tips that will help you facilitate a home moving during the Christmas period.

  • Stay Organized: Be realistic and finalize a moving date in advance. Otherwise things will get messy and it will become very difficult to organize anything.
  • Prior Booking: Do a bit of homework and search the web and try to get some moving quotes for your expected moving date. This not only help in ascertaining your moving date but will also make your Christmas a bit less stressful.
  • Early Packing: Organizing and packing your belongings consume a lot more time than expected. During picking up the belongings you might across the old picture albums and you’ll start flicking through them. It is advisable to initiate your packing at least 2-4 weeks in advance. It will enable you to prioritize and decide which stuff are to be packed and which are to be discarded or donated. Packing the things in small chunks will help tackle it in small chunks, much more labelled and manageable and smooth line the entire process.
  • Early Bird: Start your Christmas shopping early. It is best to buy all your Christmas gifts as soon as possible and start wrapping them in order to send them to your beloved ones. It will eradicate the possibility of missing any Christmas gifts that was intended to be sent but was missed because of your busy schedule. Moreover it will also help you get ample time and avoid falling short of time during your move.
  • Labelling: Sorting things and labelling them in order will help you a ton during unpacking. Try to arrange all the things especially the gifts and other goods and label them properly so that you can easily find out the required stuff after moving to your new home without any fuss.
  • Utility Bills and Connections: Inform your utility service provider about your move in advance. Don’t forget to schedule pre-Christmas installation for all your utilities in advance.

Keeping a check on weather conditions and accordingly clearing your front drive and pathways along with change of address and sorting of bills are some other useful tips that can making your moving a fuss free affair. One you are done with your moving it’s time to call your cleaning service providers. Call My Maid Day to get your home cleaned for a prospective owner or tenant. My Maid Day is a trusted and reliable name for move in and move out cleaning services across Texas. If you are tenant and are leaving a clean home behind you chances are high that you might get your security deposit back. We will handle the entire cleaning of your space and promise to deliver a sparkling and spot free home. Hurry up and get a free cleaning quote or schedule your appointment today.

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