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Visual absence of dirt doesn’t implies that it isn’t there. The fact is that it remains hidden in those nooks and corners that are often overlooked while cleaning. So if you are planning to clean up your home or hire a cleaning service for your home cleaning, make sure to include following spaces in order to make your living space as neat as possible.
Inside of Drawer: cabinets and drawers are the spots that generally get outside cleaning and dusting. Empty the drawers in your kitchen, bathrooms, living rooms etc. one at a time. Use vacuum cleaner to vacuum out the dirt inside it. If required, a damp cloth can also be used to clean up any spills or stains. Don’t forget to dry up the space before putting the contents back to drawer.

  • Sliding Door & Window Tracks: Either use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum out the loose debris or an old or waste toothbrush to dislodge the remaining. One can also make use of a mixture of baking soda, water and vinegar. Spray the mixture and let it rest for five to ten minutes. Wipe up the solution and grime using a paper towel or clean rag.
  • Coils of Refrigerator: Safety is priority. Disconnect the power and unplug the unit. Coils are located on the back. Using a proper vacuum cleaner attachment, remove the debris. Use a refrigerator coil brush to brush out anything unwanted that remains inside.
  • Hood Fan: Either use a degreaser or mixture of hot and soapy water or detergent to wipe down all the surfaces gently. Soak all the filters in clean hot boiling water and wait for several minutes. Now take them out carefully and rinse them with clean water and dry off the filters using a clean cloth.
  • Vents and Air Filters: It is advisable to get your filters replaced every six to eight weeks as needed. Moreover don’t forget to remove any dust and debris using a vacuum.
  • Garbage Disposal: Garbage disposal plays a vital role in maintaining the hygiene of a home. Disconnect the power to the unit using a pair of rubber gloves and spray an all-purpose cleaner. Wipe off the replace with a clean towel until all debris are removed.
  • Indoor Plants: Indoor plantation is a good idea to enhance the décor of any home. However one should keep the plants clean by wiping of the leaves using a soft and damp cloth, Light water should be sprinkled to ensure proper hygiene of plants.
  • Underneath Furniture: Dust and dirt love to remain hidden under beds, sofas, electronic appliances and large furniture items. Use a long handled dust mop to wipe off the dust from hard surfaces. In case of carpeted area, using a vacuum cleaner to vacuum out the dirt is a smart idea.

Interior as well as exterior of your home deserve equal attention and deep cleaning is a great technique to ensure that your home gets proper cleaning and attention that it deserves. For all your cleaning and maid service needs, always rely on experienced professionals at My Maid Day. Contact My Maid Day to get a free cleaning estimate call at 469-795-9050.

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