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Home cleaning can be a tedious activity that is not only time consuming but also drains your energy. However when we are done with cleaning, we realize that we had forgotten to clean certain spots and items. So, if you are planning to hire a local home cleaner or maid service, you should make a list of items and areas that need to be cleaned. Here is a list of things that are used daily and are essential to proper clean.

Bed sheets and pillows: -The home cleaning process consists of scrubbing the floors and walls, and removing dust and grime from the corners of home. But how often do you wash or change your bed sheets and pillows?In order to maintain personal hygiene, bed sheets and pillow need to be washed on weekly basis in warm water. it should be a regular requirement for proper cleaning. To protect yourself and your family from possible health hazard, maintain clean bedding.

Refrigerator: This essential appliance, used daily, is often forgotten or passed over at home cleaning time. It should also be cleaned weekly, including throwing out old leftovers, wiping down handles and doors, and cleaning off shelves and compartments regularly. Leaving your refrigerator in an unclean state will increase the odds of spreading germs to your food and other perishables. To keep bacteria and fungus under control, consider cleaning your refrigerator once every week.

Bathroom curtains: Bathroom cleaning should included cleaning the bath, toilet, washbasin, window ledges, racks, pots, etc.  However most of us often forget to clean bathroom curtains. Regardless of how clean they appear, bathroom curtains are constantly exposed to dampness, warm water, and moisture daily, providing ideal reproductive environment for mold,bacteria and microorganisms. By washing the bathroom curtains, you will maintain a fresh-smelling and clean bathroom.

Switches and doorknobs:-Switches and doorknobs are used by every member of the family. Light switches, doorknobs, and windows handles are among the things that are utilized by us all day long without even noticing. And, we must admit, there are few times we press the light switch with hands that are flawlessly clean! So as to keep you home germ-free, it is a smart to wipe the handles and light switches with a fabric, not a sponge, dampened with sanitizing cleanser and water each week.

Combs and hairbrush:-These are personal hygiene items used by everyone on regular basis. However they are among the things that are often neglected when it comes to cleaning. Due to regular usage over time, dust, hair, sebum, conditioner and cleanser deposits build up on combs and brushes. This combination of natural and manufactured ingredients can become especially gross. To avoid rashes and sensitivities, remove loose hairs after each combing or brushing. Once a week, fill a bowl with warm water and liquid cleanser and soak the brush for 10 minutes. Use a small cleaning brush to scrub between the bristles. Rinse well with clean water and dry totally before putting it away.

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