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Having a dust free home requires a lot of discipline as well as a bit of timed effort. Dusting is a tedious yet an important aspect of home cleaning. By following few simple tips, one can easily achieve the goal of a dust free home.

No Shoe Policy:  Keeping shoes off at doorstep or nearby entrance area will keep dust, allergens and other pollutants at bay. Having some extra pair of socks or comfy clean slippers for guests as well as family members ( to be used within home only) will help in restraining outdoor dust from various sources being directly dragged into house. Choose a bright hue for socks as it will be much easier to segregate them after washing. Make a box containing these socks and put the socks back to box after washing. Keep a small doormat at the entrance to rub off the socks or slippers to reduce the dust and dirt after walks.

Pay Attention to Mattresses and Bed Sheets: Have you ever imagined the amount of dust present on your bed sheet as well as mattress? On an average, we spend nearly eight to nine hours every day on a bed. Millions of dead skin cells might be shedding on it besides the presence of dust particles suspended in the air that may have settled on the bed. Everyday same routine is followed. Wash your bed sheet in hot water on weekly basis. Pillows should also be washed every quarter. If you are using decorative pillow, make sure to vacuum hose the same at least twice in a quarter.

Take Care of Your Air Filter: HVAC system come with manufacturer recommendation to change the air filters every three months. However if your house is more prone to dust or someone in your home is allergic to it, it is advisable to change the filters more often. Adopt a practice of vacuuming the air filter on a weekly basis. It will not only extend the life of the filter but also reduce the discharge of dust particles in home. In general dust particles are either suspended in air or are settle back on the surface. Dust might comprise of human dead skin, hair particles, animal fur, food residues, dirt, decomposing insects etc. In order to protect yourself and your loved ones from all this stuff, air filter is your foremost and best defense weapon against it.

Minimalistic Approach: Dust knows no discrimination. You might be having a lot of stuff at home that might not be used regularly. The stuff may include books, decorative items etc. More the stuff, higher is the chance of dust. In order to store and display these items, we make use of shelves and flat surfaces thereby indirectly increasing the space for dust traps. Analyze and make a list of stuff that need to be discarded or to be donated. Fewer things mean fewer dust traps. Make sure to store off season items such as clothes as per weather in a tight fitting plastic bag to reduce dust that can accumulate over months.

Vacuum, Vacuum and Vacuum: General rule of thumb id to vacuum your drawing room and other furniture once a month. Bedroom area furniture should be vacuumed every week. Drapes, curtains and blinds should also be vacuumed on a monthly basis. Don’t forget to vacuum the hidden areas because these are areas where crumbs, lint, dust mites etc can build up. You can also make use of microfiber cloths for dusting as they trap the dust and prevent it from spreading.

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