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Shining and sparkling windows add to the interior as well as exterior of any home. However keeping up with the window cleaning can be quite a task. Regardless of how hard you to try to keep your windows clean, they never seem to stay in that condition for long. Here are some tips & tricks that will help you make your windows look spotless clean.

The Right Weather: Cloudy days are best suited for window cleaning. Tackling a cleaning job in the hot and humid summer can take a toll on you. The heat will also lead to quick drying of liquid window cleaner, causing streaks that can make your window look worse than it did before. Cleaning on a cloudy day will not only save your energy but will also reduce the streaking.

Scrubber Switching: While scrubbing the window, scrubbers tend to accumulate the dirt & dust from the glass surface. Once the scrubber goes past a certain point, scrubber becomes dirty. Removing the filth from scrubber is a traditional way. However we recommend switching your scrubbers regularly.

Home Remedy for Window Cleaning: There are lots of chemical cleaners out there designed as window cleaners. A chemical cleaner can be a good choice for cleaning really grimy windows, but we recommend trying vinegar as a cleaning solution for window cleaning. Vinegar is strongly acidic and is an effective cleanser for both general cleaning and for windows. It works well on tough stains and spots and reduces streaking. However it should be diluted when cleaning windows. Mix one part vinegar with one part hot water. This formula will help you with spotless and sparkling clean windows.

Scrubbing Pattern:Because every window has an inside and outside surface, a different scrubbing pattern should be used on the two sides. On the outside, scrub up and down. Wipe side to side for inside cleaning. It will help you see which side needs extra attention.

Hire a Professional Window Cleaning Company: While all of these tips and tricks can help you make cleaning your windows easier, you may want to consider hiring a professional window cleaning service provider, if you have many windows or high windows and prefer not to do the job yourself. Check with friends, neighbors and a local online search for window cleaning services that have a good reputation.

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