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Now more than ever, there’s a need to frequently disinfect and clean your house. This is an effective measure to limit the spread of COVID-19. One of the ways the virus can spread is through contact transmission. This means you can get infected when you touch the same surface an infected person has coughed, sneezed on, or even touched. To prevent this, you need to disinfect and clean your surfaces regularly.

Considering that there are many myths passed around as cleaning tips, you might be wondering what works and what doesn’t? Outlined below are the cleaning myths as well as tips on how to disinfect your house.

Cleaning Myths to Avoid

Mixing Bleach and Vinegar: Yes, vinegar is effective as a cleaning agent but only when used in high concentration. Do not mix vinegar with any bleach solution to increase its effectiveness. This is dangerous. A mixture of bleach and vinegar would produce toxic chlorine gas that is harmful to your health.

Paper Towels are Better Than Reusable Rags: As much as paper towel has its upsides, reusable rags are more environmentally friendly. They can stand up to scrubbing. They clean surfaces and limit lint transfer better than a paper towel.

One Rag Can Clean Your Whole House: Do not use one rag to clean your entire house. Use one rag for each room to avoid spreading bacteria around the house. However, when dealing with rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom that can harbor heavy bacteria, you should use multiple rags. For example, you could use one rag for the wall, another for the counters, and so on.

Tips on How to Disinfect Your House

Clean Regularly: First clean dirty surfaces with detergent and water, then follow up with a disinfectant.

Focus on High-Touch Areas: Clean and disinfect high touch areas in your home to prevent the spread of diseases. Frequently touched areas include, door handles, handrails, switches, TV remote, tabletops, and chairs.

Seclude Outdoor Items: Items that are frequently used outside the home should be kept separately from other things to prevent contamination. For example, your shoes can be kept behind the door and your backpacks in the garage.

Use Bleach Products: Bleach is 99.9% effective in killing germs. To make an effective disinfectant, mix 1/3 of bleach with a half bucket of water.

Wash Your Hands: Wash your hands thoroughly. This simple practice can help limit the transfer of germs.

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