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The thing is, after pest-control professionals rid your house of creepy and disease-carrying you-know-what’s—cockroaches, ants, rats, spiders, rodents, insects—it’s not over. Substances remain. Opportunities for entry may remain. And that awful smell—lingering odours from the chemicals and products that the pest-control services used. They threaten to chase you back out of the house, and they threaten harm to your children and pets.

So thing one, once your exterminators have rid your house of its uninvited guests, is your own post-pest clean-up. To that point, and to your health, and to keep your uninvited residents out . . . here’s a short and valuable checklist.

  1. Stay away the entire time
    If pest control pushed you out of your home for a stated period, respect that timeframe. Whether your time out is a night or two at a friend’s or a nearby hotel, or something briefer, respect the rules. For all the obvious reasons, for yourself and your entire family, and especially for children and pets, stay away for the entire time specified by your pest-control professionals.
  2. Discard any food that was in the open
    If any food was unintentionally left out, pitch it. Period. Any snacks still on the table, any fresh fruit in the bowl, any packages partially open . . . out. Anything—anything—exposed or potentially exposed during the pest treatment is trash now, and the same applies to anything exposed to organic pest-control methods.
  3. Wait to Clean
    To give the pest-control treatment time to work, wait to wipe surfaces—even better, leave that work to professionals, too. The trained and professional staff from My Maid Day conducts post-extermination cleaning that protects the treatment and the home’s full-time inhabitants. My Maid Day keeps it clean and safe.
  4. Protect Yourself
    Post pest-control procedures, handle NO sprayed surfaces until you have on a protective pair of disposable gloves. Even to unwrap sanitary items from their protective covers, touch nothing with bare hands.
  5. Prevent Re-infestation
    A note to the wise: Any leaking tap or drainage pipe in the house also can be an entry point for pests and lead to re-infestations. Fix them forthwith. Note also that for many pests, papers can be a source of food. As much as possible, avoid storing newspapers, magazines, or wet paper of any kind—and avoid storing the brown bags you use to carry groceries.

    Finally, in the days following a pest operation, you’re likely to come across a lot of dead pests. Regularly check the major trouble-spots and keep the home clean as possible because dead pests tend to attract other pests, moving you back to square one.—–

    Need help in cleaning your house after pest control? My Maid Day is at your service with policies and procedures to help prepare and protect you. Our custom maid-and-cleaning packages suit any need.

    Contact us today for a quick and free cleaning quote.

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