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How can something so essential to any home, the toilet, be so challenging to keep clean?  Because we use them so many times a day. Because we send so much waste through them. For home sanitation (and sanity) cleaning of toilets, deep cleaning and regular, is mandatory. If your toilet is stained, or if you haven’t cleaned it in a while, these important tips and tricks will come to your rescue.

  • Make space: Cleaning a toilet can get messy. See that the area around you is clear. Move any cleaning supplies, toilet rolls, and items you keep at the side of the toilet.


  • Equip yourself: Before you start a deep cleaning, make sure you have all the equipment you need: rubber gloves, scrubbing brush with bristles, disinfecting wipes, scrubbing sponge, bowl cleaner, paper towel, disinfectant, etc. Having them handy will save you the time and effort of going back and forth as a need comes up.


  • Allow for time for the cleaners to sit. Any toilet cleaner or disinfectant used inside will need some time to sit. While that happens, you can work on the outside surface. After a few minutes, flush the toilet with the lid down. Now open the lid and place your preferred bowl cleaner or a little bleach, making sure nothing leaks onto the floor. Use a scrubbing brush with bristles to scour the entire area, especially any area with stains, including corner areas near the rim. When you finish scrubbing, allow time for the solution to settle in. While that happens, you can clean the outside area.


  • Clean the outside. The area outside the toilet may be both the most visible and the most ignored area. With a regular bathroom cleaner, use a sponge to scrub into every nook and corner. Don’t overlook the lid, underside of the lid, and nooks and corners on the backside. Make sure all the outer areas of the toilet are covered with cleaner. Use disinfecting wipes to rub over the outer surface. Use paper towels to pat the surface dry. At the end, you’ll have a pristine and shining surface. Flush the toilet, and if it needs it, flush again. You’ll be proud to see a sparkling and fresh toilet.


  • How often should you clean? It depends:


  • How many toilets are in your home?
  • Which toilet is used most frequently?
  • How many people use a given toilet?

As a rule keep a toilet clean and hygienic, you want deep clean weekly.

What about the tough stains?

Some stains become too tough to for regular toilet cleaners. In such cases, an expert cleaner or a maid service company has the expertise and state-of-the-art equipment and supplies to produce a sparkling clean toilet.

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