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School is in session and if you have school-going kids at home, you need to get your home ready for the upcoming school year with some basic yet simple back to school cleaning tips. The shift in summer vacation to the school year impacts your cleaning regime. With everyone’s schedule getting more hectic, a small preparation can bring things in order thus avoiding any chaos and ultimately keeping your home clean and organized. Here are some tips that can come in handy in your prepping up for the upcoming school year.

  • Get Rid of Rarely Worn Clothes and Clothes That Don’t Fit Anymore: Start your preparation by having a look at your children’s wardrobe. Have your child review with you and keep only those that your kid can actually wear. There might be some clothes that can fit but won’t be worn at all. Prioritize the storage space as per the need and choice of your child.
  • Separate Entryway Station for School Shoes., Backpacks, And Coat: Weather may change and light to heavy showers may come in the early fall of Texas. Be ready to welcome the muddy boots, rain drench raincoats/ rain jackets, and most importantly haphazardly dropped backpacks.  Setting up an entryway station for all these items will help prevent dirt and mud from spreading to all corners of your home. Moreover, it will also keep your hardwood floors from damage. You can also invest in rain cover for backpacks.
  • Let the Children Contribute: Prepare a daily or weekly cleaning routine for your children and get going at the beginning of their school session. This will help them acquaint themselves with their new assignment. Their daily cleaning routine can comprise picking up and putting their toys in boxes, dusting, brushing their teeth, combing hair, tidying up the room, keeping their books, and notebooks on shelves, etc. Design their cleaning routine as per their age and capability so that cleaning can become a fun activity for them instead of a tiresome task.
  • Take a time to relax between tasks: Don’t hustle as you need to clean up everything all of a sudden. Let the dishes be soaked in warm water after dinner and try to spend some quality time with your loved ones over a favorite show or a game. Cleaning is a tedious process but not on every occasion. For instance, you can easily do the dishes after a good soak.
  • Make Cleaning A Fun Task: Whether you are cleaning with kids or by yourself, we recommend making cleaning a fun affair. You might be thinking about how cleaning can be fun. Play your favorite music or sing a song along. Alternatively, you can invest in cleaning products with good scents or modern-age products that can make cleaning a quick affair. Once your home is clean, it is time to relax & enjoy quality time with the kids.

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