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Move Out Cleaning Austin

Moving out? Let’s cut to the chase—you need your old place cleaned up, preferably without it being another headache. If you're in Austin, here’s a straightforward guide on what move-out cleaning will cost you, and how to get the best bang for your buck.

Understanding the Costs

  • Size and Scope: Smaller spaces like apartments or condos typically cost between $120 to $250 to clean. For larger homes, prices start around $300 and can go up depending on the size and specific cleaning needs.
  • Condition of Your Space: If your apartment looks like a cyclone hit it, expect to pay on the higher end. A relatively tidy space will be cheaper to clean.
  • Cleaning Depth: A basic clean—sweeping, mopping, bathroom, and kitchen—might be all you need. If your landlord is particular or you’ve lived in the space for a long time, opting for a deep clean might be a safer bet to secure your deposit back. This includes detailed work like cleaning inside cabinets and appliances, and can cost 30-50% more than a standard clean.
  • Extras: Carpet cleaning, pet odor removal, or external window cleaning are typically not included. These services can add $50 to $200 to your total bill.

Saving Money and Hassle

  • Compare Prices: Get quotes from at least three services. Some might offer a package deal that includes everything you need for less.
  • Check Reviews: Use reviews to find reliable cleaners who show up on time and do a thorough job. The last thing you need right now is a no-show.
  • Know What’s Included: Be crystal clear about what the cleaning service will and won’t do for the quoted price. Ask about any additional fees for services you think you might need.
  • Book Early: Especially during busy moving seasons (like May and August in college towns), cleaners get booked fast. Lock in a service early to fit your schedule.

A good cleaning service can help you smoothly transition from your old place by ensuring it’s spotless for the next occupant, while helping you secure your deposit. It’s worth investing in a professional to save you time and energy during your move.

At My Maid Day, we understand that moving out can be stressful enough without worrying about cleaning. That’s why we offer comprehensive move-out cleaning services tailored to ensure you leave your place in pristine condition, helping secure your deposit return. We pride ourselves on reliable, thorough service at competitive prices. From standard cleans to deep cleans and all the necessary extras like carpet and window cleaning, we handle it all so you can focus on settling into your new home. Call for a free quote, and let us take the cleaning off your checklist.

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