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Just like your home your carpets too need attention and proper cleaning. With time, carpets looked overused and matted. Nowadays indoor air quality is getting much worse than outdoor air. Carpets are more prone to attracting airborne particles, dirt, dust, plant matter, debris, soot, and other nasty stuff. Does your weekend often get wasted in scrubbing out these particles from carpets? My Maid Day is a locally owned cleaning and maid service provider that offers high quality cleaning services in Texas and nearby areas. A carpeted room that is vacuumed and cleaned thoroughly will have better indoor air quality than a room with hard surface floor.

At My Maid Day, we offer high quality carpet cleaning services and strive to offer you a healthier environment for your home and family. Gone are the days when you need shampoo or chemicals that leave residue and bad odour on your carpets. By leveraging modern day carpet cleaning techniques you get a clean healthy living surface that will stay cleaner for up to three times longer than traditional carpet cleaning.

How My Maid Day Carpet Cleaning Service is Different from Others?

At My Maid Day, we believe in offering our clients a premium cleaning experience and feel. We clean light to medium soiled carpeted areas be it the carpet covering your small hallways, closets, bath, stairways, entryways and other areas.  Here are the key points of our carpet cleaning service

  1. Outstanding and diligent carpet cleaning service
  2. Using right combination of cleaning solution, heat, agitation, flushing, vacuum and air movement to offer superior level of cleaning
  3. Use of high quality cleaning solution that is safe for your pets and family
  4. Use of industry standard cleaning techniques
  5. Use of high quality machines for faster drying
  6. Seven days a week availability
  7. Experience and professional cleaners to offer you outstanding carpet cleaning service
  8. Proper detailed pre-vacuuming to remove dry soils from your home
  9. Elimination of all sorts of odours from your carpet
  10. Simple, easy, pleasant and unforgettable experience
  11. Fair pricing.

My Maid is a locally owned cleaning and maid services in Dallas, Denton, Collin and Tarrant counties of Texas. Give us a call or contact us for free cleaning estimate. Call now to speak with My Maid Day about your cleaning needs and to schedule an appointment.

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