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Pets are undoubtedly human beings’ true friends but are equally messy too. Shedding, dirty paws, errand running etc are some common things that we have to deal with pets. After all this, the first thing that comes in mind is to clean up after our pets. However there are some tips using which now you need not compromise between the unconditional love for your pet and spotless clean furniture and home.

Neutralize Odours: To be honest no one can deny the fact that pets carry their own smell which is not at all a welcoming small when you walk in through. Make use of products that help in eliminating odours. Make a mixture of baking soda, essential oil, natural pet neutralizer and spray it over your carpet and furniture. After an hour, vacuum off the surface. You can also make use of enzyme based cleaner. Make sure that your home is well air circulated to combat smell.

Equip Up Yourself: Having proper equipments at the ready can make a huge difference when cleaning up after pets. Having a lint roller in hand not only make quick work of pet hair on clothes but can also be used on couches, pillows and chairs to tidy up the surface. Make use of mini vacuum to clean p the nooks and corners and using them on stairs will definitely save your back. Make sure that the vacuum you are using has a proper suction. Check and empty p the bin often and look for any clog in houses and remove hair from bush rollers.

Washing Is Essential: Soft items of pets such as dog beds, blankets and toys etc carry some serious funk. Wash them periodically using a washing machine.

Be Proactive. Make use of a washable rug in front of every door in ode to trap the dirt entering in the room. Keep old towels handy especially during wet or snowy weather to wipe down your pet’s feet before he gets a chance to sneak his way into the house.

Stay Vigilant To Control Pet Hair. Try to eliminate your pet hair build up by running the vacuum daily over the areas where your pet loves to lay. Spray an anti static spray on throw pillows and upholstery to prevent new hairs from clinging on. You can also make use of a microfiber dust mop to clean the hardwood and floor tiles. Brushing your pet often will help you in combating & reducing the amount of shedding. Invest in slipcovers.

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