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A clean and tidy apartmentcan bring a feeling of immense satisfaction and relaxation. Everyone prefers a clean and tidy space but, when it comes to cleaning, it’s not a fun task. Cleanliness of a home is a matter of personal choices of people living there.  Some people are “cleanfreaks” while others prefer to minimize the job. For people who want things clean and tidy at all times, apartment cleaning should be a regular task. Here are some easy tips that will help you make cleaning your apartment a fun experience.

How About Music: Music soothes mind and helps in relieving stress.  Turn on your favorite music and get started.

Plan Your Cleaning Time: Not everything needs a deep cleaning every time you plan to clean.  Some cleaning, such as bathrooms and kitchens should be done at least bi-weekly. Sheets and towels should be changed regularly. Other cleaning can be less often depending on your environment and living conditions.

Pre-Scan The Area You Wish To Clean:Take a quick look around your apartment and decide an area you intend to clean. Check for any issues that require quick attention, such as a stain on your favorite rug, pet hair on upholstery, cup ring marks on your coffee table, your shoes lying out by the sofa, etc. Make these quick priorities.

Getting Rid ofthe Unwanted Stuff:Note things that are no longer in use or are unwanted. Quickly scan areas such as living, bathroom, dining area, kitchen area etc. Set them aside for removal or find place where you can donate useful items.

Tackle Dust & Scum: Vacuuming should be the first step and wiping down the surface should be next step in cleaning as dust may resettle on the surface during vacuuming,but not until after you eliminate clutter and put things in their place. Then, identify and prioritize the areas that are hard to reach for dusting. These areas often tend to accumulate the most dust over time. You can also make use of a good duster or a lint free cloth to wipe down all surfaces. Some dusters are better than others. Use one that captures the dust and doesn’t just move it around. Don’t forget to clean off the water and scum marks from sink, bathroom area, toilets & faucets using appropriate tool. Afterwards use a lint free cleaning cloth for drying.

Floor Cleaning: Bare floors tend to attract and accumulate a lot of dirt and dust. It can be hard to see, too. Go over it with a dry mop first, then with a damp mop. Detergents should be avoided if possible. It’s better to identify heavily soiled areas and clean those with a damp cleaning cloth and a light detergent if necessary. In order to avoid the streak marks on floor it is advisable to use circular motions. To add natural shine, buff with a dry rug or mop. Depending upon the type of floor to be cleaned, select an appropriate cleaning detergent and tools.

Trash Removal: Once all the cleaning is done, collect all the trash and discard it.

Check the AC/Heat Filter: Dirty filters can lead to polluted air, higher utility bills and even premature equipment failure. Usually, monthly replacement for 1” filters is recommended.

Cleaning can be a time-consuming daunting task. Unless you do it on a regular basis, it can be like starting over every time. However, apartment cleaning can become a fast, simple and easy to do task. You must be wondering how this is possible. Well, it requires a commitment, a schedule, a plan and an attitude along with required
tools. Once the cleaning is finished, you can sit back and enjoy it.

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