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Are you all decked up for holiday season? Winter is just right around the corner and it is high time to start preparing your home for the upcoming holiday season. Guests are common during holiday season and prepping up for them can be quite hectic as well as stressful. However here are some quick tips so as to clean your home just in time for that holiday party that you have always craved for.

Entryway Cleanliness: Entryway is the first space that people see whenever they visit you. Having a decked up entryway either by using a decorative wreath with berries or using some decorative lights across doorway. Clear and sweep off any exiting cobwebs or dust that might have accumulated in the corners. Pep up the floor using an attractive yet comfy doormat. Don’t forget to clean the glass on the front door.

Empty Up The Dishwasher: If you are having a dishwasher at home, make sure to load the dishes a night before and unload the same in morning. However if you are not having one, hand wash the dishes and put them on drying rack to let them dry overnight. In case of any assistance, you can take professional help from cleaning and maid service provider.

Couch Cleaning: Couch is a prominent piece of furniture in home for many people. However with regular and persistent use it tends to become dirty as well as unhygienic. Pull off the pillows and clean up the surface using vacuum cleaner. Make sure to get down in any crevices. Add some alcohol in a spray bottle and mix it up with little water and clean any spot that may have nasty stains or scuffs.

Clean up The Paper Clutter: Till recent plastic used to be a big clutter producer in many home however due to environment awareness paper has become a major source of clutter. Take a wide cardboard box and put important papers in it and discard the rest.

Herbal Fusion: A clean home not only looks good but also smells good. Nothing can beat the nice aroma of fresh smelly freshly cut lavender and chamomile in a home. Herbs are not only inexpensive but are also non-toxic in nature. In absence of fresh herbs, you can also opt for essential oils. Lavender is a great stress reducer and helps in relaxation. Just get a spray bottle and fill it up with some drops of lavender essential oils and a teaspoon of vodka and fill the rest of the bottle with water. Moreover you can also make use of dried herbs and baking soda by grinding them together thereby making a non-toxic vacuum powder. Other combinations to look out for are peppermint, pine and fir.

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