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American adults tend to spend most of their days in their offices, and it makes sense to keep that space safe. Trillions of germs grace the average office desk. The larger the office, the more the trillions. Take heart, however, and take note of these eight simple tips guaranteed to sanitize your office and keep your work area sane.


  1. Use sanitizers: In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak—it’s safe to say—sanitizers are trending. To rein in obvious germ spread, keep a bottle for hands at every nook and corner of the office. And keep other types on hand. Many brands and types cover surface cleaning, metal cleaning, skin safe etc. The five seconds to wipe a desk or clean hands, and the germs they eliminate, directly affects productivity as fewer people fall ill and miss work.
  2. Dust daily: Given that germs and disease-causing pathogens travel from place to place in the company of dust, dusting is essential to cleaning. As well as unpleasant, work in a dusty work environment puts you at higher risk of illness. When space is large, you may expect a cleaning crew to take care of the dusting but to be sure, a simple rag and spray—and less than two minutes—can make a big difference.
  3. File papers: The 21st century is taking the world digital, but offices still sprout paper. Step one is to file all papers as soon as possible. Proper filing of documents also makes the office more organized, tidy, and sane.
  4. Clean electronics: To keep your office as pristine as possible, ensure regular cleaning of all electronic items. Not only does your desk gain a neater and tidier look, the lack of clutter clears your mind and boosts work production.
  5. Clean the fridge: The office refrigerator is one of the most important items to keep clean. Unless the cleaning is both good and regular, that easy soda and food dispenser becomes a breeding ground for dangerous germs. Remember: to clean the fridge, first switch it off. Use natural cleansers like water, baking soda and vinegar solution. Avoid chemical cleansers that potentially react with food items inside fridge. These days most fridges have detachable shelves easily removed to clean with soap and water and reinsert.
  6. Clean the walls: Don’t ignore the walls in your work environment. A clean office has tidy, shining and clean walls. But do it wisely. Abrasive wall cleaning may damage wall paint or wallpaper. Gently dab a stained spot. For clean office walls ongoing, clean monthly.
  7. Invest in good mats: The office floor area, especially entries and exits, understandably get the most dirt in the office. Invest in high-quality mats and place them at the entryway—and keep them clean.
  8. Just say no to sponges: Sponges are a breeding ground for bacteria and germs, and they do more harm than good. To maintain proper hygiene standards in your office, use disposable towels or kitchen towels or opt for anti-bacterial sponges.

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