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The home serves as an embodiment of your choices, taste, style and persona. Whether you are looking to flip your home, rent it out, remodel or fine-tune it for future use, home renovation is considered by most homeowners at some point. It can be a good investment for the home.

Once you initiate a remodeling project, you’ll learn it takes quite a bit of time and a lot of decisions to design a home that reflects your vision and personality. The pride and joy that you would feel at the end of renovation are simply unparalleled especially when compare the “before” and “after” results.

However, it’s essential to know how to clean after a renovation. Tackling post remodeling cleaning yourself is a daunting and exhaustive task. Unlike other cleaning tasks, a comprehensive and safe cleaning regime needs to be followed as you’ll need to handle various elements such as dust, debris, and other harmful wastes. Considering the safety factor, comfort and peace of mind, and various other benefits, hiring professional cleaning services to do post-renovation cleaning might be the way to go.

  • Safety:

Remodeling projects often expose you to dust, debris, and various other harmful materials that can be hazardous for your health. In absence of proper post renovation cleaning, hazardous waste may cause immediate injury, allergy, chronic or temporary respiratory problems, or illness. It’s a very challenging and stressful task to gather up all remains of building material. Floor area, countertops, and windows are the focus areas but similarly, due attention should be paid to other areas of the home such as walls, ceilings, and vents as well.

Professional post-construction cleaners are well equipped and experienced to handle such situations with utmost safety and care. With professional cleaners at your side, you can expect a thorough cleaning of hard-to-access areas without any case of injury. In end, you’ll get a clean and debris-free, safe, and comfortable space where you can sit, relax and enjoy with complete peace of mind with your family and friends.

  • Time Savvy and Efficient:

Piles of dust and dirt are a common sight after any renovation project. Don’t be surprised if you find dust and dirt in other areas of your home that might not be undergoing renovation. In short post-construction cleaning is a rigorous multi-stage process and comprises of following steps:

  1. Damp cleaning of all surfaces to remove dust and disinfect the entire area
  2. Cleaning of interior areas of cabinets, closets, and other storage areas.
  3. Wet mopping the entire floor area.
  4. Removing and washing off the vent covers
  5. Last but not least vacuuming carpets.

Post-construction cleaning is a time-intensive task that can amount to several hours of intense labor. Hiring a post-construction cleaning company will save you the stress and make your home a clean much faster. Not only does it save you a lot of time, it might save you in the material costs involved in handling the post-construction clean-up spree yourself. Professional cleaners have the best of class of equipment required for effective cleaning and odor removal.

  • Zero Liability:

Selecting the wrong cleaning materials and using the wrong cleaning techniques may cost you more than what you could have saved by hiring professional cleaners. For instance, choosing the wrong liquid cleaner for walls can cause permanent damage to your paint. Similarly, any wrong technique while cleaning the debris from the tabletop or floor area can cause scratches on the surface. Professional post-construction cleaning services do offer a satisfaction guarantee and any damage liability lies on them.

Renovation is a complex and difficult job as it involves an enormous amount of clean up afterwards. My Maid Day is a trusted and reliable name for commercial as well as residential cleaning services in Texas. Our Dallas cleaning and maid services are a pro at handling any post-construction cleaning for residents as well as commercial properties. We are proud to offer the highest quality standard by using state of art technology and cleaning practices for our clients. Contact us today to get your free cleaning quote.

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