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Cleaning is a tedious task and consumes a lot of precious time. Bathrooms are an important part of home and is often ignored when it comes to deep cleaning. Cleaning is cycle that is ongoing. In this blog, we’ll discuss how to get a sparkling clean bathroom in no time by following few simple steps.


  • Declutter: Start by decluttering your bathroom to simplify the cleaning process. A cluttered space affects mental wellbeing so keep bathroom space tidy by incorporating a habit of placing things back to their original position. Whether your stuff is placed in cabinet or you need to invest in some open shelves, just ensure that everything is out of sight and organized. Minimal or sophisticated placement of things in open shelves make space look more organized and decluttered. Moreover, it also makes your future bathroom cleaning activity much easier.
  • Cleaning The Toilet Bowl: Put any toilet cleaner in the bowl. Let it sit for few minutes. Use a brush to scrub around the inside and simply flush. Use an all-purpose cleaner to clean the outside surface of toilet bowl and don’t forget to put some of it underneath the toilet seat. Just wait next 10-15 minutes to let the cleaner start its cleaning action. Rinse off the surface using a brush to get a sparkling clean toilet bowl.
  • Surface Cleaning: Use an all-purpose bathroom cleaner to clean all the surfaces. Just let the cleaner sit for a while and then wipe the surface. Give an edge to your bathroom cleaning by turning on the hot showers and leaving the door closed for next 15-20 minutes. What’s next? Steam will do the entire cleaning for you. You’ll just need to wipe the water droplets quickly using a clean cloth.
  • Mirror Cleaning: Just dampen the mirror surface and then wipe off the surface using an old newspaper or tissue paper. In case you are having some stubborn marks on your mirror and wiping them just leaves more, don’t worry. Try using a DIY solution of vinegar and water to clean your mirror. Use a clean cloth to apply the mixture and wipe of the mixture after few minutes using a microfibre cloth using circular motions.
  • Clean the Shower: Use a DIY solution of water and vinegar to unclog the shower head pores. In case of any mildew in the shower, use chlorine bleach and water in 2:1 ratio or any other specialized cleaner
  • Mop the Floor: Mop Fill a bucket with warm water and floor cleaner to mop the floor. Alternatively, you can also rinse the surface with water. Use a handy wiper/squeegee to wipe off the excess water of the floor. Take a clean towel or cloth to dry the floor in order to prevent any mildew.
  • Wash The Towels: The last thing is to grab all your towels, including hand towels, and wash them. A hot, long wash is recommended for towels to get rid of all bacteria. Try using a good fabric softener to get soft and clean towels. Don’t forget to clean your cleaning tools, too.


How Often Should You Deep Clean?

Bathrooms are prone to bacteria and fungi if not kept clean. We recommend to deep clean it at least once a week.

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